seal Team

Creative Director
I’ve always liked crypto, investing in different coins from time to time. After buying and selling Cardano for awhile I thought I’d use my Creativity to build an NFT society, a place where like minded people can share alpha and have a dope A$$ profile pic! And after some trial and error, Seal Society was born!!!!
Im a freelance 2d/3d artist with a degree in Graphic Design (definitely not my passion). I can illustrate most styles, but realism is my favourite by far, for which im giving my all for this project. In my free time, i like to either play vydia, further my 3d studies (design realistic 3d characters for gaming assets) or study languages (japanese atm).
Web Dev
In my 9-5 life, I’m the head of ICT product management in a Managed Services Provider (MSP). I have a background of working with multinational enterprises finding solutions for their IT needs. In my free time, I’m an active investor in traditional Stocks & ETFs, and an economics nerd who listens to too many podcasts
I’ve been into Crypto for a couple of years now, and started getting into NFTs in 2021. I’ve been lucky to have some really seasoned people in the NFT space take me under their wings and show me how the best projects out there are, first and foremost, built on a foundation of real, genuine communities! I am so grateful to have this chance to moderate the community, and I plan to incorporate so many of the sophisticated ideas that the Society has formulated.

Royalty Distribution

5% of Resale value

Members 50%

Distributed back to the holders

Project 30%

Used to build out the road map

10% Charity

Given to community selected charities

10% Team

Given to the team for continual development


What is The Seal Society?

The Seal Society is an NFT project on Cardano.

When can I mint?

Minting will take place on May 6th 2022 4pm UTC for Whitelist 5pm UTC for public.

How can I mint?

You can mint by sending ADA to the provided address posted on our site and on our discord on May 6th.

What Wallets can I use?

You can use any Cardano Shelly-Era supported wallets like Nami Wallet, Yoroi, Daedalus, CCVault.

Can I buy more than one at a time?

You will be able to mint 5x per Tx during public mint

What is the policy id?


How does the Fish Market work?

The Fish Market will be where we offer assets purchasable with $FISH. details available soon.

I sent the wrong amount of ADA, what happens?

If you sent the wrong amount you will receive your ADA back and have to resubmit a transaction to receive your nfts.

Can I send ADA from an exchange?

You cannot send ADA from an exchange. If you do, you will lose your ADA and will not receive your nfts.

How can I reach out for assistance?

You can email [email protected] or submit a ticket on our discord.

What blockchain will the nfts be on?


How can I get Whitelisted?

You can get whitelisted by participating in our discord events and giveaways on twitter.

Will there be rarities?

Yes, each colony will have there own set of rarities

What utilities does the nfts have?

Art + Colony Perks + Community + Ecosystem

Policy Id: 83af574378d100ffb4d657010d117c92038b9fbc9129c3b0dc4ea96b